Fulfillment Services

Whilst the increased use of new media channels continues, the need to match consumer’s expectations with actual results means fulfillment remains a key ingredient in establishing and maintaining your customer relationships. With 20 years experience in the Fulfilment arena, The Fulfillment Company Ltd have the expertise, hands on knowledge and facilities to match and exceed your customers’ expectations. An integral part of our business infrastructure solution is the warehousing and distribution of client-owned inventory. We provide a single source for all fulfillment needs. Supporting business-to-consumer clients, we receive inventory in our distribution centre, verify shipment accuracy, unpack, inspect for damage and generally stock for sale the same day. We then pick, pack and ship customers’ orders, including customized packaging, inserts, promotional literature and bespoke packaging. The Fulfillment Company Ltd also offers a full-scale, client-specific reverse logistics program, linking all returns processing to the inventory management system. Returns are entered to the system upon receipt of the product, at which time a client-specific set of standards regarding re-stocking and disposal or warranty is applied. Our extensive experienced work force strives to reach total customer satisfaction adapting our services to suit your needs with total flexibility.

Key Services:

  • Product Warehousing
  • Pick, Pack and Ship
  • Custom Packaging, Invoicing and Promotional Documentation
  • Transportation Management
  • Reverse Logistics
  • Custom Reporting
  • Value-added Services, including Gift-wrapping and Bespoke Packaging

Key Features:

  • Multiple Delivery Options; Same day, Next-day by Courier, Postal and International
  • Multiple Quality Checks

Key Benefits:

  • Total Flexibility
  • 100% Customer Satisfaction
  • Increased Order Accuracy
  • Faster Order Fulfillment
  • Reduced Inventory, Direct Costs and Overheads
  • Flexible Warehouse Capacity

With the ability to pick, pack and despatch virtually any product on any day, The Fulfillment Company Ltd can provide a full range of Fulfilment services to ensure your campaign is a success and customer satisfaction is achieved. The Fulfillment Company Ltd provides its customers with a reliable direct mail and mailing partner. Offering exceptional mailing, direct mail and data processing services, we offer quality and consistency to all of our clients. We aim to carry out your mailing in the most effective way increasing quality while reducing costs. With Fulfillment Company’s mailing service we can take your product, along with data supplied, sort and make it ready for the Royal Mail collection, either on your account, allowing you to see exactly how much a promotion is costing or on our account. Whether it’s promotional leaflets or products, books, catalogues, magazines, DVD’s or CD’s, the list is endless; we can distribute your product via the vast network of courier services available to us.